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MB;BS (Ib), Fellow of the Medical College of Physicians (Nig), Fellow of the British Institute of Homeopathy, Affiliate of the Amen Affiliated Education Center, USA.



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Dr Abayomi Aiyesimoju is a consultant physician, neurologist and homeopath. He practices holistic, integrated medicine using natural methods to reach to the root causes of health and wellbeing. Looking into all aspects of the total person, health is engendered at the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social levels. In doing this, internationally acknowledged natural remedies, methods and approaches are used without the dreaded and harmful side effects of pharmaceuticals.

Dr Aiyesimoju’s approach to health and wellbeing is based on the following principles of holistic health:

  1. Each person is unique. It is the person that is treated, not just the disease.
  2. The whole person is taken into consideration in all dimensions of being (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social.
  3. There is a healing force active in the maintenance of health. The holistic approach seeks to release and support this innate force in the healing process
  4. Natural methods are best. They key into the body’s own natural healing forces to help bring about restoration to health.

The actual holistic approach and method that Dr Aiyesimoju uses rest on four pillars like the legs of a table all which must be equally strong to prevent collapse. They are:

  1. A positive mental attitude. This pillar embraces positive thoughts and emotions, favorable social relationships and spiritual disposition. This pillar is the principal foundation for wellbeing; the deepest wellspring of health.


A lot of attention is paid to this pillar in the practice. The result is that most patients even on their first consultation already begin to feel better before any treatment per se. This feeling translates into actual improvement or sometimes disappearance of symptoms in many cases in quite amazing ways.


  1. Healthy diet. Full use is made of the wisdom in the admonition of Hippocrates (the father of modern medicine) that our food should be our medicine our medicine should be our food. This is particularly important in this day and age where it has been shown that the large part of modern day diseases have unwholesome diet at their foundation.
  2. Healthy lifestyle. The evidence of the effect of lifestyle on health and wellbeing continues to mount. The right lifestyle modification is often able to bring about healing sparing the individual unnecessary suffering, worry and financial expenditure.
  3. Supplementary measures. In our day and age so much constitutes an obstruction to what must be done under the three pillars of health mentioned above even with the best will in the world. For example, because of the unnatural agricultural methods, a person who buys the “right” foods as recommended for healthy living cannot be sure of the actual quantity of nutrients he is getting. Also, so great is the level of stress that there may not be enough nutrients in the food eaten to cope with the demand. Because of these reasons supplementary measures are often required to maintain optimal health.


Such measures include the use of nutritional supplements, detoxification methods, massage, and sauna to support the first three pillars.

The Consultation. The first consultation usually lasts about one hour.  All the aspects of the clients’ physical, mental, emotional, social and deeper aspects to do with personality and even spirituality are looked into as may be necessary. This process makes for getting to really know the client and thereby enabling one to treat the person; not the disease.

The consultation is also a process of self-discovery for the client. He may have certain aspects of his life brought to his consciousness for the first time.  It is also often the case that he finds a listening ear for the first time to many thoughts, concerns, perceptions and even physical feelings nobody had ever considered to warrant any attention. The clients find this particularly relieving and it plays a role in setting in motion the healing process

Investigations, analysis and diagnosis. All necessary laboratory and   radiological tests are also done to help in the diagnostic process. In addition we do as may be necessary a Turn Back Time test that assesses the biological age and basic health parameters like BMI, the Stiffness of the arteries and other health risk factors. A brain profile is also often done as an overall assessment of the client’s mental and emotional health as well as her health habits.

Treatment:  By way of actual treatment the following methods are used:

  1. There is a deep human psychological support inherent in all interaction with the client as a key to the release of the innate healing forces.
  2. According to Dr Don Colbert diseases related to our toxic diet and lifestyle can cause more than 85% of deaths. Many clients get detoxified as part of their management. The detoxification methods we use include colonic irrigation (colonic hydrotherapy), homeopathic detoxification, fasting and herbal detoxification.
  3. Specific treatment takes place with lifestyle modifications, homeopathy, Bach remedy, herbal supplements , nutritional supplements, magnetic resonance treatment and pharmaceuticals if absolutely indicated



  1. Those who want to enhance their health and wellbeing to keep disease away, optimize their life and enjoy longevity
  2. Those who would like to get to the root cause of their health issues that may have defied solutions or even defied diagnosis.
  3. Those in whom psychological and emotional factors are playing a prominent role in their ailment even when the condition is chronic and who would want lasting natural solutions
  4. Those with acute emotional traumas like bereavement, missing relatives, armed robber attacks or serious accidents who would rather have natural relief
  5. People preparing for potentially emotionally challenging experiences like funerals, marriages, court appearances or similar situations.
  6. People with chronic diseases that may be defying solution or even diagnosis
  7. Those who want to take better care of their brain, get more from it and preserve its longevity
  8. Those who have difficulty managing their weight. The clue may lie in their brain profile
  9. Those who want to take anti-aging measures

Those who want to detoxify their bodies